What water damage signs should i look for in my basement?


Basements provide an extra space for storage and shelter especially during bad weather. However, seeing as basements are closer to the foundation, they are more prone to issues as a result of water damage. In most cases, problems with the basement may be an indication of problems or impending problems with the foundation.

To ensure that your home is safe at all times, there is the need to invest in the services of a foundation inspector in Woodland Hills. However, should you choose to perform a self-sweep of the area to ensure that your basement has not been compromised, below are some of the signs to look for.

  • Moist and Humidity

The basement is closer to the ground and as such is prone to high humidity and moisture content, however, with increased moisture content in the basement area comes incidence of molds, mildew and other micro-organism growth. When inspecting your basement, be sure to watch out for signs of molds and mildew on the walls marked by brown or black spots on the wall.

  • Water Marks on the Walls

Another major concern to look for in the basement is water marks as this can be an indication that you have a water seepage problem. Water seepage in most cases arises from clogged gutters which allows standing water. The standing water over time penetrates the walls and foundation and may be seen as wet marks on the wall of the basement. Once this is noticed, it is important to take pro-active steps of cleaning out the gutter and hiring the services of a qualified foundation inspector in Woodland Hills.

  • Water pool on the floor

When you notice pooling water on the floor with no apparent water source to account for it, then you may be facing a problem with the basement of the home. It is recommended that you have a professional look into this problem to ensure the health and safety of your family.


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