One Step Ahead


Our hope is that we never have to endure the next “big one”. As time goes by and more research is available, listening to mainstream media often feels like impending doom is around the corner. Geologists differ in opinion on when and how powerful the next earthquake will be. They all agree that one is inevitable living in Southern California. We are here to give you and your family the peace of mind that if one does come, you will be prepared. Seismic retrofit is the step we should all consider. Studies show that modifying/reinforcing an existing structure will help withstand the powerful forces generated by an earthquake. Using specially designed steel brackets and anchors will tie your home/apartment to its concrete foundation properly. The proper installation of hardware at the correct locations under your home will allow the structure to have a much better chance of making it through an earthquake with minimal damage.

Joey Baruch

Golden Retrofit & Foundation Repair



Brace & Bolt Retrofits

What Is a Brace & Bolt Retrofit?   A Brace & Bolt is a seismic retrofit to help reinforce and reduce separation between the foundation