Factors that determine how long a foundation repair project will take


When planning foundation repair in Woodland Hills, much like any other project in the home, there is the need to understand how long the project will take from start to completion. The time taken, when right can be scheduled in time for the family vacation thus giving the contractor enough space to handle the foundation repair needs.

Wondering how long your foundation repair project will take? Below are some of the factors that can affect the duration of the project.

  • The severity of the problem

The severity of the foundation damage can determine the duration of the project. The worse off the condition of the foundation, the longer the project will take. To avoid longer repair time, it is recommended that homeowners attend to their foundation problems as soon as it has been noticed.

  • Unforeseen contingencies

The duration of the foundation repair project may also be affected by the development of unforeseen circumstances. This can be as a result of the weather condition, or development of additional faults which require attention.

  • Size of the foundation

In most cases, the second biggest factor that determines the duration of a foundation repair project is the size of the foundation. In the event of large homes with larger foundations, foundation repair specialists may take additional time to cover the entire foundation to ensure that the home is safe for inhabiting. A smaller home will generally take lesser time for foundation repairs compared to a larger home.

  • Weather

One of the biggest factors that can affect the foundation repair project is the weather. While foundation repair requires favorable weather conditions with enough sunlight for the repair materials to dry out and for the contractor to work better, a rainy or stormy weather may affect the overall daily output of the contractor thus lengthening the duration of the project.


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