How to spot signs of foundation damage


Foundation damage is a gradual process with may take months or years depending on several factors. In most cases, homeowners find themselves to notice foundation problems late thus costing them more compared to having caught the problem early on.

While foundation problems occur over time, they are known to present homeowners with certain signs which indicates the need for foundation repair in Woodland Hills.

To ensure that your home stays protected at all times, below are some of the warning signs of foundation problems.

  • Water damage

Any sign of water damage in or around the foundation and basement should be taken seriously as this can indicate a possible foundation problem. Be sure to pay attention to the following water damage issues in the home

  • Improper drainage of external water. In this case, be vigilant and be on the lookout for unusually wet grounds during dry season
  • Incidence of milds, mildew, rot and more may be signs of leakages behind the walls in the home
  • Uneven floors and walls

Foundational problem presents symptoms in the form of uneven walls or floors in the home. When you notice developments like warped floorings, crumbling bricks and cracks in the wall, these are major signs that your foundation requires attention. Have a foundation inspector in Woodland Hills look into the issue as soon as possible.

  • Poorly fitting doors and windows

Windows and doors can also be major indicators of foundation problems. When the doors and windows no longer close the way it used to before with no visible signs of damage, this may mean that your foundation is affected in some ways.

What to do when you notice any or a combination of these signs?

Once you notice any of the above listed signs, be sure to make a prompt appointment with a foundation repair specialist and an inspector to have your property checked for possible signs of damage and for early fixing.


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