How to know if your home has foundation problems


Most homeowners may fail to pay attention to the home’s foundation until it is too late. However, in cases such as this, repairs may be costly or fall into disrepair. To avoid this common mistake, there is the need to pay proper attention to the home and its foundation so a retrofit company in Woodland Hills can be contacted as soon as possible.

To ensure that you catch the early signs of foundation damages in the home, below are some of the commonest tell-tale signs of foundation problems.

  • Cracks

Cracks are some of the most common indicators that the home’s foundation is faced with some problems. The extent of the crack can also indicate how extensive the problem is. Cracks can easily be spotted and when noted, there is the need to carefully examine it to determine the extent of damage.

  • Sinking

If the home’s foundation appears to have visibly sunk into the ground, then there is a problem brewing that has to be taken care of as soon as possible. A sunken foundation can point to larger problems and as such should be paid proper attention to.

  • Upheaval

This is most common to homes with slab foundations. For homes with slab foundation, there is the need to monitor it to ensure that it doesn’t move upwards. When the foundation moves upward, called upheaval, it is an indication of a much significant problem with the foundation. Early repairs can remedy this situation.

  • Doors

Your doors can be a major indication of problems with the foundation. Always check the door to ensure that they do not appear to have descended from their hinges. In cases with problems with doors which is unexplainable, you should check your foundation thoroughly.

  • Sagging Floors

This is also one of the commonest ways to detect problems with the foundation. When the floors within the home begin to bend or sag, this is an indication that the foundation is problematic and should be attended to promptly.


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