What kind of foundation does your home have?


When planning on doing foundation repair in Woodland Hills, there is the need to understand the type of foundation you have in the home to ensure that you make the best possible decision. To better understand the types of foundation which may have been used for your property, below are the three common foundation types.

1. Basement

The basement foundation is one that is about 8 feet deep and installed with concrete slab for the floor. The walls of the foundation are commonly constructed from cinder blocks for stability and strength. The usual construction process for the beams, walls, then slabs prevents water from leaking into the basement. Basement foundations allows for additional living and storage space and can serve as shelter especially during the bad weathers.

2. Crawl Space

The crawl space is the cousin of the basement foundation. Crawl space foundation are usually between two to five feet in height. Much similar to the basement foundation, the crawl spaces are usually built with cinder block wall but in some cases may have concrete slab or dirt floor. The crawl space foundation is usually built in areas with high water tables or in places that have been registered to be prone to flooding. The crawl space can allow for storage but has a major disadvantage of predisposition to mold or vermin.

3. Slab

The slab foundation is a concrete pad. The slab foundation is the easiest of the three discussed foundations as this requires a little preparation compared to other types of foundations. The concrete used for slab foundation is usually about 2 feet thick at the perimeter and about 6 inches thick for the slab.

Repairing a foundation

Foundation repair in Woodland Hills depends mainly on the type of foundation and the repair needed. There are several options on how to fix foundation damage. In some cases, the slab may need to be lifted or in the event of cracks, sealing. Slab lifting can be done with polyurethane foam or mud slurry.


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