Brace & Bolt Retrofits


What Is a Brace & Bolt Retrofit?


A Brace & Bolt is a seismic retrofit to help reinforce and reduce separation between the foundation of your home and it’s frame in the event of an earthquake. The frame is braced and then bolted in place to the foundation, which is where the Brace & Bolt name comes from. Seismic damage to homes occurs when the frame of the home moves and shakes during an earthquake. By bracing and bolting the frame to the foundation, the structure becomes sturdier and more resistant to movement during seismic activity.


Should You Retrofit Your Home?


Seismic damage to a home can be incredibly expensive to repair, and much higher than preventative measures by comparison. The age of your home is also something that should be taken into account. Homes built before 1980 are at a much higher risk of damage during an earthquake because many were not built to resist frame movement and seismic shaking.


Earthquake Brace & Bolt Program


The Earthquake Brace + Bolt is a grant program developed by the California Earthquake Authority that provides eligible homeowners with up to $3,000 to be used towards a residential seismic retrofit. The grant’s purpose is to assist homeowners in protecting their houses in the event of an earthquake. Once a homeowner is fully approved for the program, the grant funds are often issued in as few as 15 days. For more information on the EBB program, visit


How We Can Help


We’re experts in retrofitting houses of all ages and styles to prevent seismic damage to the place you call home. We understand that retrofitting a structure isn’t just about saving on potential repair costs, but about the safety of your family and home in the event of an earthquake.You can be assured that we’ll treat your home as if it were our own with a commitment to through and excellent workmanship. Read our reviews and see what Los Angeles homeowners have to say about our service.


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