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Foundation repair, Floor Jacking and Soft Story Retrofitting – Measures and Services

The most important part in construction is the foundation of a house or a building. While constructing a house or a building it is very essential to build a strong foundation to handle the upper stories. But the foundation can be affected due to the factors like crack within the walls, displaced mouldings, separation around doors etc. These factors can further lead to infinite problems. But one can fix these problems by adopting the following techiniques –


Foundation repair

It’s here when foundation repair comes to rescue as it is a technique that repairs the faults in the foundation. The two techniques used in foundation repair services are – Piering and Slabjacking. One should always consult a specialist in order to get their foundation repaired. A foundation repair specialist knows about the measures that should be considered and the right tools that will come handy in fixing a problem.


Floor Jacking

Floor jacking is a technique in which the floor is lifted up using a mechanical device called bottle jack or hydraulic jack to mend down the sinking or weak joists of a floor. Our specialists at Golden Retrofit make sure that the floor is repaired in manner that you need not to face the problem again. Right fixtures at the right time results in the foundation to stay strong and solid for longer period. This method is also used to repair pier work and beam replacement. The girders that are used to raise the floor up to a certain level should be 12 inches in height. Multiple girders can be used in order to support the floor.


Soft Story Retrofitting

Soft story retrofitting is one of the most common types of retrofitting. Under soft story retro fitting method, the foundation or the very first storey of the building is constructed in manner that it stays still during an earthquake, thus protecting the upper stories. Skyscrapers are the biggest example of soft story buildings. A soft story building is the one with weak foundation. Various methods are adopted in order to make the foundation strong. Mandatory Soft Story Program (MSSP) was created San Francisco in 2013 which gave few measures to the people in order to deal with the problem of earthquake. Under this program, the buildings were constructed by using the soft story retrofitting method.



Foundation repair: The cost can alter from $250 to $10,000 depending on the repairs required, if they are major or minor.

Floor jacking: The total cost can be $500-$1000 depending on the number of repairs required.

Soft Story Building: The cost of soft story retrofitting can vary between $60,000 and $130,000 depending on the size of the building.


Services near me

One can avail company Golden Retrofit provides with foundation repair services and we are available near you or your city as our company is established in 15+ cities of the States so you can avail our services anywhere, at anytime. Our company provides with the foundation repair, floor jacking services and soft story retrofitting services at an affordable cost so need not to worry about your budget. The other foundation repair or floor jacking or soft story retrofitting services available nearby are – American Retrofitters in Sherman Oaks, Soft Story Retrofitters in and Greenmark Soft Story Retrofit in Los Angeles.

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